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Can't wait to try the pouches tbh."

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"I've been adding a quarter gram of Tutti hash to each of my blunts and it has changed my game entirely. No goin back."

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"The new Tutti pouch is divine. Bought thirty over the last month and love how fresh they remain. Plus, you get a bit of hash in each packet which makes the experience all that much better. Def recommend."

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"Tutti is the first brand to truly provide my friends and I with affordable hash. Couldn't be happier to have them in my life."

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"Done gone through 5 grams of Tutti Sativa hash this week. BOMB.
Don't sleep on the pouches. The last two I got had +20% THC and they're fire."

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"I started smoking bubble hash 15 years ago and have had a hard time finding affordable bubble over the last couple of years. Happy I found this brand providing us with affordable prices and impeccable quality. Thank u"

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